What is Core Academy?

The International Core Academy of Sciences and Humanities is an independent, academic, not-for-profit scholarly organization and merit-based academy. It was established to support international, cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research across all fields of knowledge, recognize excellence in scholarship within the sciences and humanities, and promote global academic cooperation and knowledge dissemination for the benefit of humanity.

What are we?

The Core Academy initially formed hundreds of academics and today builds a rapidly growing network, connecting academicians, pioneering scientists, recognized educators, young scholars, and other professional experts around the globe.

Our fellows come from diverse cultures, nationalities, intellectual disciplines and professions around the world. They were selected for their eminence in their respective fields, which include the natural sciences, engineering and technology, mathematics and the formal sciences, the social sciences, and humanities and the arts, and particularly for their original contributions to the advancement of knowledge. 

Core Academy fellows, members, and CORE partners collaborate to champion academic excellence, scholarly cooperation, cultural exchange, interdisciplinary and pioneering research, and to promote science and knowledge dissemination worldwide for the betterment of humanity.

In addition to its role as a scholarly organization dedicated to advancing knowledge, promoting academic cooperation and recognizing scholarly excellence in academia, Core Academy also endeavor to (1) serves as a platform for scholars to seek academic cooperation opportunities, present new findings, debate academic issues, examine new ideas, and consider diverse solutions to real-world problems, and (2) serves as a research organization that provides scientific advice and expert knowledge to countries, governments, academic institutions, and policy- and decision-makers on a wide range of real-world problems, for the betterment of the public good. The Academy approaches its activities with a human-centered, academic-based, cross-cultural, comprehensive, and transdisciplinary perspective that addresses a wide range of issues, including science communication, education and human development, innovative technologies and governance, economy and trade, society and culture, and more.

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