Legal Basis

The Academy is an independent company limited by guarantee that holds not-for-profit charitable status. It was registered under the Laws of Hong Kong. 

The Academy operates autonomously and without personal interests or political purposes.



Its operational costs are covered by donations from members of the Academy, charitable foundations, societies, associations, funding organizations, and other organizations and individuals.

Other sources of funding for the Academy include:

1.      Membership fees and annual dues upon admission, as well as other related fees.


2.      Funds and materials voluntarily donated by legal and natural persons, as well as grants and other sources of revenue.


3.      Commissions derived from the earnings of Core Academy enterprises and other financial entities.


4.      Proceeds generated by lectures, exhibitions, auctions, lotteries, and other activities.


5.      Revenue generated by contractual work and services.


6.      Other income not prohibited by (local) law.