Junior Fellowship

Junior Fellowship is a type of affiliated membership granted by the academy to young scholars, who combine a high level of academic excellence and whose recent achievements in scholarship evidence extraordinary promise for world-class contributions to knowledge in the future.

Basic Criteria for nomination and election

· The candidate is nominated by an existing fellow, academic committee members, or invited organization

· The candidate is younger than 45

· The candidate has achieved a Ph.D. or equivalent degree

· The candidate has already published at least 5 peer-reviewed articles in Internationally recognized journals or one own book

· The candidates showed potential for a high-impact career

Part of the above criteria might not apply to those candidates in the fields of humanities and engineering, though all the candidates should have shown potential for a high-impact career.

Benefits and Rights

(1)    Awardees were entitled to introduce themselves as junior fellows of the Core Academy in recognition of their achievements

(2)    Junior fellows will be invited to attend Core Academy meetings and activities and build networks with other members and elected fellows

(3)    Eligibility to stand for election to Academy committees and other service roles

(4)    A discount for utilizing the Academy’s services

(5)    Receiving support from the organization in their academic and professional careers 


(1)    Paying the annual subscription fee as other members

(2)    Dedication to the Academy’s mission and objectives to advance knowledge, research and sciences for the benefit of humanity.

(3)    Actively contributing to the Academy’s development and objectives 

Junior Fellows are encouraged to provide information about the academy and its activities to their colleagues and students, recommend excellent scholars for the Academy awards or membership, and advise the academic committee and the board on relevant academic affairs or professional matters.

The Junior Fellowship leads to a maximum tenure of six years. All Junior fellows are therefore encouraged to stand for election to permanent membership (corresponding fellowship and fellowship).

Existing fellows may download the nomination letter and submit their nomination letter through their member's login page:

Junior Fellowship Nomination Letter.docx

For those who would like to join the Academy as a Junior Fellow, please contact the academic committee at academic@coreacad.org for a possible nomination and recommendation (please attach your personal bibliography and latest CV with your letter).