Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is an essential component of the Academy's organization and is charged with supervising and advising on the institution's academic activities. 

The Committee members are independent from the leadership of the Executive Board and have the following responsibilities:


1.      Voluntarily contributing to the Academy’s development and academic affairs.

2.      Participating in the Academic Committee’s evaluation process for selecting fellowships.

3.      Serving as decision-makers and reviewers in the fellowship selection process.

4.      Recommending new fellows and special members for consideration in the selection process.

5.      Advising the Executive Board, Secretariat, members, and partners on relevant academic matters.

6.      Representing the Academy (with the approval of the Board) in the initiation of new activities, the negotiation of academic cooperation agreements, and the organization of other activities.

For current Academy members who are interested in voluntarily contributing their services to the academic affairs of the Academy and seeking Committee membership, the Academy kindly requests that they compose a short letter that includes: 

1. A short personal statement outlining their research interests and academic experience; 

2. A short statement of their commitment to the Academy’s mission and objectives; 

3. An indication of their primary location (bearing in mind that most services and activities can be conducted online, meaning that physical attendance is not mandatory); and 

4. Their signature, membership number, and corresponding email address.

(300-1000 words would suffice)

You can download the Application Form and submit the form and the letter to the academic committee secretariat at

All members should ensure that they can be contacted promptly (members should check their corresponding email and member login page at least once a month)