Gøsta Esping-Andersen
Division of Social Sciences
  • Sociologist
  • gosta.esping@upf.edu

FCAcad; Research Professor of Bocconi University; Professor Emeritus of Pompeu Fabra University; Member of the British Academy; Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Doctor Honoris Causa at Roskilde University


Membership Number: FCA2505

Membership Type: Full Fellowship

Division: Social Sciences

Corresponding Email: gosta.esping@upf.edu

Homepage(s): https://www.upf.edu/web/esping-andersen 


Present and Previous Positions

1978-83              Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Harvard  University


1981-82              Research Director, Swedish Institute for Social Research


1983-86             Associate Professor, Harvard  University


1985-86             Research Director, Science Center Berlin


1986-88              Associate Professor, European University Institute, Florence


1988-89              Chairman, Political and Social Sciences Department, European University Institute


1989-93              Full Professor, European University Institute, Florence


1993-99             Full Professor (catedra in Sistemi Sociali Comparati), Università di Trento


2000-                  Full Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (ICREA Professor 2009-2013)


2018-                  Professor Emeritus, Pompeu Fabra University

2018-                  Research Professor, Bocconi University


1981 ———— University of Stockholm

1987-88 ———— University of Bergen, Dept. of Sociology and Department of Political Science

1990 ———— University of California, Los Angeles

1989-93 ———— External Professor, University  of Bergen

1994  ———— University of Wisconsin-Madison.

1995-2007 ———— Instituto Juan March –Madrid

1995 ———— New York University

1997 ———— University of Maastricht

1998-2000 ———— Universitat Pompeu Fabra

2003-2011 ———— Universite Louvain

2005 ———— University of Maastrich

2008-2009 ———— University of Copenhagen

2012-2013 ———— Guest professor, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

2013 ———— Guest researcher, Copenhagen University

2016 ———— Guest professor, University of Copenhagen

2017 ———— Guest professor, European University Institute

2018 ———— Bocconi University


Fields of Scholarship and Research Interests

Ph.D. Sociology (with Ph.D. minor in Labor Economics) University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1978

His scientific work centers on life course dynamics, comparative social policy, social inequality and stratification,  family demography,  and social science research methods


Honors, Awards and Other Membership

- Premio de Pensamiento ‘Primero de Mayo’, Fundacion Campalans (1999)


- Doctor Honoris Causa, Roskilde University. September (2001)


-American Political Science Association Annual Wildavsky Enduring Contribution Prize – for Three Worlds of          Welfare Capitalism (2005)


-Honorary professor. Aalborg University (2006-2011)


- Annual ‘trois lectures’ speaker, College de France (2006)


- Cambridge Dictionary of Political Thought (Volume 2). Cited as one of the important political theorists of the 20th Century


- Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (as of 2007)


- Annual HC Andersen Lecture, Odense, Denmark(2007)


- Annual Drees Lecture, The Hague (2007)


- ICREA Academia Award (2009)


- Member of the British Academy (2010)


- Doctor Honoris Causa, Copenhagen University (2012)


- Inaugural Academic Year Address, University of Geneva (25.09.2014)


- Doctor Honoris Causa, Oslo Metropolitan University (2020)


1. Academic


        Member of Social Science Research Council (US), 1991-1997


        Member of Scientific Council, Juan March Institute, Madrid (1996-)


        Member of Strategic Advisory Research Board, Danish Institute for Social Research (since 2003-2017)


        Member of Scientific Council, European School of Economics,  Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris (2005-2006)


        Member of Scientific Council, European Master in Labour Studies, Università di Milano. (2006)


        Member of Scientific Council, Instituo Madrileño de Estudios Avancados (2007-2012)


        Centro Investigaciones Sociales, Madrid (2009-2011)


         Ministry of Education, Denmark. Member of Strategic Research Council (2008-2016)


         Member of Scientific Advisory Board, UNICE Gender and Generations Programme (2010-)


         Member of Council of Advisors, Population Europe (2011-)


         Member of Advisory Board, Trygdfondens Boerneforskningscenter, Aarhus  University (2013-)


         Member of the nomination committee for the Nobel Prize in Economics (2015-)


2. Non-Academic


      Project director for UNRISD, 1995. Prepared a report on global social policy reform for the UN World Summit in 1995. 


      The Vatican, 1996. Invited non-members to the 1996 Academy Session on social policy and global inequality.


      Prepared United Nations seminars on Social Progress and Social Indicators, 1999


      German Government Council, 2004. Advising Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on family policy.


       OECD, Social Affairs Unit. Consultancy work on social protection and social indicators: 1995-1996, 1997, 1999,     and 2005


      Portuguese Presidency of the European Union, 2000. Prepared a policy report for the European Summit.


      Danish Ministry for Social Affairs. Member of  ‘Think Tank’ on Social Security Reform (1995-98)


      Belgian Presidency of the European Union, Autumn, 2001. Prepared a report for EU social ministries on life course-based social policy reform.


      OECD. Member of OECD Mission to Evaluate the Swedish Education System (2005)


       Netherlands government Council for Scientific Research (2005)


       ISSA (International Social Security Association), Geneva. Member of the scientific committee (2005)


      European Union Presidency. Social policy advisory to President Barroso (2005-2006)


      Member of CHILD, the North American Association to promote the welfare of Children (2005-)


      Member of the advisory board for German Ministry of Employment, IAB, Nurnberg (2006)


      Generalitat of Catalunya. Helped prepare legislation for early child care system for Catalunya (2006-07)


      Government of Chile. Consultant on the implementation of early childhood care for Chile. 2007.


      Parliament of Chile. Consultant on social policy options for Chile’s Constitutional Reform, 2020-21


     Rand Corporation Europe (2004->)


3. Editorial  membership:

   - Sociological Theory (1984-85)

   - Political Power and Social Theory (1989 - )

   - Comparative Political Studies

   -  Stato e Mercato (1990 - )

   - American Journal of Sociology (1989 -91)                                       

   - European Journal of Industrial Relations (1994-)

   - European Sociological Review (1994-)

   - South European Society and Politics

   - New Political Economy

   - Work, Employment & Society

    - Journal of European Social Policy

   - American Sociological Review (2005-08)

   - Social Forces (2019-)


3. Refereeing

- National Science Foundation

- German Marshall Foundation

 - Social Science Research Council

 - Swedish Research Council

 - World Bank

 - Spanish Ministry for Science and Technology

-  Evaluator for ERC


4. Professional Associations

- American Sociological Association

- Council for European Studies

- International Sociological Association

- European Society for Population Economics

- European Association of Population Studies

5. Research Funding

1978 and 1984                 Milton Foundation Grant(s), Harvard  University

1985-87                            Nordic Council Research Grant (with J. E. Kolberg)

1986-88                            Volkswagen Stiftung Research grant (DM 486.000) for Project: Welfare Policy Regimes and Permanent                                                                  Disemployment    

1987                                 EUI Research grant (Lit. 50 Million) for project on labor market effects of welfare states

1989-90                            EEC (DG-5) Research grant (Lit. 91 Million) for project on labor market effects of welfare states

1993                                  Danish Social Science Research Council (Dkr. 120.000)

2000-04                             Spanish National Research Council (MCYT: SEC2000-1697-C02-01; Pts 11,5 million)

2001                                  Research grant, BBVA (60.000 Euros), 2003-2005

2003-06                             Spanish National Research Council (MCYT) (SEC2003-02699: 65.000 euros

2006-08                            Research Grant, Fundacion BBVA (75.000 euros)

2006-09                            EU 6th Framework Project (Equalsoc). Total financing is 4.5 million Euros

2007-2010                        Spanish Nacional Research Council (MCYT, financing  125.000 Euros)

2010-2013                        Spanish Nacional Research Council (MCYT, financing  138.000 Euros)

2011-2016                        European Research Council Advanced Research Grant (total financing  2.100.000 Euros)

2012-2013                        Fundacion La Caixa Research Grant for project on fertility (50.000 Euros)

2014-2017                        Spanish National Research Council, financing 80.000 Euros

2018-2022                        Spanish National Research Council, Excellence Research Program financing 120.000 Euros

Selected Publications


1980      Social Democracy and State Policy. Copenhagen: New Social Science Monographs


1982          Political Power and Social Theory,  vol, 3. (with Roger Friedland, edited). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press


1985      Politics against Marketss. Princeton: Princeton University Press.


1987      Stagnation and Renewal. The Rise and Fall of Social Policy Regimes.  (Lee Rainwater and Martin Rein as co-editors). Armonk, New   York: M.E. Sharpe


1990          The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism. Cambridge: Polity Press & Princeton: Princeton University Press (this book was awarded the APSA’s Aaron Wildavsky Award in 2005)

Translations in: Chinese, French, Greek, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish


1993          Changing Classes: Social Stratification in Postindustrial Europe and North America. (Editor, contributor) London: Sage.


1996     Welfare States in Transition   (Editor,contributor).London: Sage.


1999      The Social Foundations of Postindustrial Economies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

              (translations in Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Spanish)

2000      Why De-Regulate Labour Markets. Oxford: Oxford University Press (contributor and co-editor with Marino Regini)


 2002     A Welfare State for the 21st Century (English translation of Japanese). Tokio: Sakurai-Shoten Publishers


2002      Why We Need a New Welfare State (with Duncan Gallie, Anton Hemerijck and John Myles). Oxford: oxford University Press 


2006         Family Formation and Low Fertility. Madrid: BBVA


2008    Trois Lecons sur L’Etat Providence. Paris: Le Seuil (translated into Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish)


2009         The Incomplete Revolution. Adapting to Women’s New Roles. Cambridge: Polity Press (translations: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish)


2013    The Fertility Gap in Europe.  La Caixa Social Studies Collection, 36(translation in Spanish)


2016   Families in the 21st Century. Stockholm: SNS