Elias Ayres Guidetti Zagatto
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Agronomic Engineer
  • ezagatto@cena.usp.br

Agronomic Engineer; Full Professor at Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture; Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences


Membership Number: FCA1156

Membership Type: Fellowship

Division: Engineering and Applied Sciences

Corresponding Email: ezagatto@cena.usp.br

Homepage(s): https://www.abc.org.br/membro/elias-ayres-guidetti-zagatto/


Present and Previous Positions

Full Professor at Center for Nuclear Energy in Agriculture (Brazil)


Fields of Scholarship and Research Interests

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry by the State University of Campinas

In 1975, he participated in the pioneering implementation of flow injection analysis to real assays, a historic moment in the progress of Analytical Chemistry. During his career, his research activities have then focused on the conceptual, methodological and applicative developments of novel flow-based strategies for large-scale analysis of agro-industrial, pharmaceutical and environmental samples. As an international recognition for CENA-USP, the VII International Conference on Flow Analysis was held in Brazil (1997) with Prof. Zagatto acting as chairman of the event.

At CENA-USP, he was vice-director, head of division, vice-president and president of the Postgraduate Committee, and member of the Deliberative Council. Moreover, he was mayor of the Piracicaba USP campus, director of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the Brazilian Chemical Society, member of: “Quim. & Eng. Quim.” Coordination of the Brazilian Research Council, “Chemistry Coordination” of the Sao Paulo Agency for Research Support, “V.1. General Aspects of Analytical Chemistry” Commission of IUPAC, “Selecting Committee” of new academics for the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, etc. He participated in several organizing committees for international events.


Honors, Awards and Other Membership

Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (elected 1996)

He received Tributes from the Portuguese Chemical Society, the Federation of the European Chemical Societies, Medal of Merit from the University of Warsaw, Rheinboldt-Hauptmann Award from USP, Awards “S. Paulo State Governor" and “National Order of Scientific Merit”, Medal "Prof. Radamés Walter Accorsi", IUPAC Award, Medal “Honor for Science” from the Japanese Association for Flow Analysis, Award from the USIMINAS, homage from Brazilian Chemical Society during the Analytical Chemistry National Meeting in Caldas Novas, among others.


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