"Dean of welfare state scholars" —— Gøsta Esping-Andersen

The Academy is glad to announce that the Board and the Academic Committee have successfully elected Gøsta Esping-Andersen as a Fellow of the International Core Academy of Sciences and Humanities (FCAcad) in the Division of Social Sciences.

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(Image: Foundation for European Progressive Studies) 

Gøsta Esping-Andersen is a Danish sociologist and a pioneering scholar of power resource theory. 

Born in Denmark, he studied demography, economics, and sociology at Copenhagen University and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he received his Ph.D. in SociologyHis academic interests focus on the welfare state (and its place in capitalist economies), life course dynamics, comparative social policy, social inequality and stratification, and family demography.

He is currently a Professor Emeritus at the Pompeu Fabra University and a Research Professor at the Bocconi University. Before coming to Pompeu Fabra, he taught at Harvard University, the University of Trento, and the European University in Italy. 

His publications include The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism for which he was awarded the APSA's Aaron Wildavsky Enduring Contribution Award in 2005; The Social Foundations of Postindustrial Economies (translated into Italian and Japanese); and Families in the 21st Century (2016).


He is a member of the scientific board of numerous scientific institutions including the Danish National Institute for Social Research, the CEACS of the Juan March InstituteIMDEA, and the Danish Strategic Research CouncilHe has been actively engaged in applied policy-relevant work for international organizations, including the United Nations, the OECD, ISSA, and the European Union. He participated in the preparation for the EU's Lisbon Summit in 2000 and co-authored a report on welfare state reform for the Belgian presidency of the EU in 2002. He has also been a member of EU President Baroso's social policy advisory group.

Gøsta Esping-Andersen is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Fellow of the Core Academy.

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