Hydroinformatics and Digital Water

The Core Academy recently elected two internationally recognized scholars in the field of hydrology and water resource management as fellows in the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 

Let us congratulate Slobodan Simonovic and Dragan Savic on their successful election and look forward to their future Interaction and collaboration with the Academy.


Hydrology is the scientific study of the movement, distribution, and management of water on Earth and other planets, including the water cycle, water resources, and drainage basin sustainability. A practitioner of hydrology is called a hydrologist. Hydrologists are scientists studying earth or environmental science, civil or environmental engineering, and physical geography. Using various analytical methods and scientific techniques, they collect and analyze data to help solve water-related problems such as environmental preservation, natural disasters, and water management.

Hydroinformatics is a branch of informatics that concentrates on the application of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in addressing the increasingly serious problems of the equitable and efficient use of water for many different purposes. Growing out of the earlier discipline of computational hydraulics, the numerical simulation of water flows and related processes remains a mainstay of hydroinformatics, which encourages a focus not only on the technology but on its application in a social context.


Slobodan P. Simonovic is globally recognized for his unique interdisciplinary research in Systems Analysis and the development of deterministic and stochastic simulation, optimization, multi-criteria analysis, and other decision-making methodologies for addressing challenging systems of systems problems lying at the confluence of society, technology, and the environment. His research has been applied with a sustainable development perspective in water resources management, hydrology, energy, climate change, and public infrastructure. 

His main contributions include modelling risk and resilience of complex systems.  Professor Simonovic has influenced academia, industry, and government via university teaching, publication of leading-edge research, mentoring of young people, delivering stimulating research seminars at institutions around the world, carrying out joint research projects, and consulting work. He has received awards for excellence in teaching, research, and outreach. He is an elected Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, a Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, and a Foreign Fellow of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts


Professor Savić is a Chartered Civil and Water Engineer with over forty years of experience in research, teaching, and consulting. He is a founder and former director of the Centre for Water Systems and is the UK’s first Professor of Hydroinformatics at the University of Exeter since 2001. He is also the CEO of KWR Water Research Institute, the Dutch drinking water companies’ collective research organization. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a Member of the European Academy of Sciences, a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), and a Fellow of the International Water Association (IWA).

His research interests cover the interdisciplinary field of Hydroinformatics, which transcends traditional boundaries of water/ environmental science and engineering, informatics/ computer science (including Artificial Intelligence, data mining, and optimization techniques), and environmental engineering. Applications are generally in the environmental engineering/science areas, including water resources management (both quality and quantity), flood management, water & wastewater systems, and environmental protection & management. He is currently PI on the Water-Futures ERC Synergy Grant (2021-2027) working on long-term sustainable transitions of drinking water systems under deep uncertainty.


"The highest good is like that of water" —— Tao te Ching, Lao Tzu, Chapter VIII (selected from Professor Simonobic's Website)

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