The Launch Ceremony of Research Centre for Electric Vehicles, PolyU

The Launch Ceremony of the Research Centre for Electric Vehicles (RCEV) of PolyU was held on February 26, 2024. 

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To facilitate major government initiatives, electric vehicles (EVs) are being strategically developed for transportation electrification in a global context, which can improve environmental deterioration, increase the penetration of renewable energy, and stabilize the power system. More R&D work is urgently desired to achieve technical breakthroughs in these aspects. The RCEV will establish a state-of-the-art R&D platform for EV research and development. It will actively conduct various R&D activities to address the technical challenges of modern EVs as well as provide technological solutions and significant references for achieving higher efficiency, higher security, higher reliability and higher intelligence.


The RCEV will transfer the technologies developed to industry, especially in Hong Kong, China, and the world at large, helping them to capitalize on massive opportunities related to EVs worldwide. The technology transfer and demonstration activities will also greatly support the promotion of electric transportation and the realization of carbon neutrality for many countries and cities including Hong Kong. The RCEV will establish international academia-industry collaborations sustainably and consolidate the leading position of PolyU's EV technologies in Hong Kong. It will also attract and nourish numerous world-class talents of scholars and leaders. The relevant R&D activities can foster these talents to lead the sustainable development of EV technologies in universities, institutes, and industries globally. Finally, the RCEV entre will create a significant impact on our society, environment, and economy.

The Center aims to:

1. Provide a world-class leading education system in electric mobility
2. Conduct cutting-edge research in electric mobility and its infrastructure
3. Build a university-industry collaborative partnership


Professor CHAN Ching-Chuen is the founding director of the Center. He is currently the distinguished chair professor of Electric Vehicles and Smart Energy at PolyU, a Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers. Prof. Chan’s career includes industrial and academic experience. He worked for over 10 years in industry engaged mainly in the research and development of electric machines and power systems; and worked for over 40 years in universities devoted to teaching and research in electrical engineering. He is mainly engaged in research in the fields of electric vehicles, electric drives, intelligent energy, and four networks and four streams of convergence.

According to the RCEV, the Center will provide regular position openings to recruit PhD Students, Research Fellows, Postdoc Fellows, and Research Assistants. It will also launch a Master of Science Program in Electric Vehicles, which is a comprehensive program that focuses on research and practical application, encompassing all aspects of electric vehicle design and management.