New CORE Scientific Center in Zhejiang

We are glad to announce that the Academy has successfully launched our first CORE Scientific Center in Zhejiang.

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The Core Academy established CORE Scientific Centers as regional research centers to support theoretical research or the transformation of science and technology achievements. Each science center is governed directly by the Core Academy or co-governed by the Academy and its partners. 

The main research areas of this research center are new materials and materials science applications. The center recently studied the innovation of dielectric materials from "organic-inorganic-composite" and the application technology to explore the key common technologies of the underlying basic materials.


The Zhejiang Scientific Center is located in Zhuji (a City close to Shanghai). The Center welcomes all members and partners to visit us and exchange at any time.


Core Scientific Center: 

Address: Building 2, Zhuji Science and Technology Park, No. 18, Puyang Road, Zhuji City, Zhejiang, China