President of ANAS Visits CORE Scientific Center

President of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Professor Isa Habibbeyli visits the CORE Scientific Center in Zhejiang and participates in his induction ceremony as a new Fellow of the Core Academy (FCAcad). 

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Professor Li Lei, Professor Weidong Wang, Executive (Vice) Secretariat-General Raymond J. Wu, Dr. Agahuseyn Shukurov, and Professor Isa Habibbeyli participated in the Exchange Activity. 

Professor Isa Habibbeyli is the first Azerbaijani scholar to be elected and accepted to the International Core Academy of Sciences and Humanities in the year 2023. After his formal admission to the Academy, Prof. Habibbeyli has expressed his intention to visit the Academy's affiliated institutions and to further promote exchanges and subsequent cooperation between the two institutions as both the leader of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences and Fellow of the Core Academy.


During the meeting, Professor Isa Habibbeyli expressed his recognition and support for the Academy's commitment to the goal of promoting international academic exchanges and scientific and technological cooperation around the world, and gave his unique insights and suggestions on "China's Belt and Road Strategy", the current situation in the international scientific community, and how to effectively promote transnational scientific cooperation. 


Professor Habibbeyli believes that in today's rapidly evolving world communications and cooperation between governments, scientific organizations, and industrial communities are more needed than ever - transnational cooperation will bring new opportunities for both two sides. Professor Isa Habibbeyli considers himself a scientist in Azerbaijan, but also a member of international scientific organizations such as the Core Academy, which promotes international scientific cooperation between the two sides, as a perfect example.


Professor Lei and Raymond J. Wu represent the Executive Board (Council) and the Secretariat to introduce the development of the Academy in recent years and the achievements of the CORE Laboratories and Scientific Centers in the fields of scientific research and technological applications to Professor Habibbeyli and his colleagues. Professor Habibbeyli, while recognizing the progress and commitments of the Academy, suggested that the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan will sign cooperation agreements with the Academy and promote subsequent cooperation.


The exchange activity ended with the invitation of Professor Habibbeyli to the members of the Core Academy to visit the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (Baku) in the near future.

Isa Habibbeyli


Isa Habibbeyli is an Azerbaijan litterateur and historian. His research focuses on the theory and history of literature, including the research of the stage and problems of Azerbaijani literature, literary movements, literary types and genres, and the study of the heritage of prominent figures of Azerbaijani literature. He has published more than 1000 papers and 14 monographs. For the first time, satire was defined as one of the literary types, the concept of Azerbaijani studies and the history of periodization of literature was developed. Professor Isa Habibbeyli is currently the president of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and director of the Institute of Literature (named after Nizami Ganjavi) of ANAS.

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences


Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), located in Baku, is the main state research organization and the primary body that conducts research and coordinates activities in the fields of science and social sciences in Azerbaijan. It was established on 23 January 1945.

CORE Scientific Center (Zhejiang)


The Core Academy established CORE Science Centers as regional research centers to support theoretical research or the transformation of science and technology achievements. Each CORE center is governed by the Core Academy directly or co-governed by the Academy and its partners.